Eleve Danse Centre  offers Open Houses throughout July and August for perspective Dancers and Parents to visit the studio.  It is an opportunity to see our facilities and discuss with the director correct placement for the Dancer.  Open House dates are advertised on our website and Facebook page.  Enrollment is continued throughout the Dance Season for those who wish to begin after the start date of the season.  Enrollment can be completed online at your convenience, simply click on the Registration tab and you'll be directed to our online portal.

Class Placement/Performance Requirements

Dancers are first placed by age and or grade.  A Dancer can be evaluated to determine proper placement based on technical level by the director.  Adjustments in a Dancer's placement and class schedule can happen throughout a season if the Director and Instructors see fit.  All classes

Studio Etiquette

Dancers are expected to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class.  Every dancers is expected to behave in a respectful manner while at the studio.  The waiting room and studio are to treated with respect:  climbing on the furniture, window panes, ballet barres, or tumble mats is not acceptable.  Mirrors are not to be touched and our hands are to be kept to ourselves at all times.  No candy, gum, food or drinks (other than water in a sealed bottle) are allowed in side the dance studio.  Unfriendly behavior in the Eleve Danse Centre (EDC) facility is not permitted.  EDC reserves the right to ask any student or parent/family member who conducts behavior in an unfavorable manner to leave the premises.  Visitors and parents are not allowed in the dance room unless invited.  If parents are dropping off their Dancers, they are asked to stay with their Dancer until they enter the dance room.  EDC is not responsible for unattended Dancers in the waiting room.  Parents should come in to the waiting room to pick up their Dancer, as Dancers will not be allowed to leave the building without an adult escort.