Creative Movement (ages 2-3)

Preschool Dance Combo (ages 3.5-5)

Dance FUNdations (ages 5-7)

B/J/T 1 (ages 6-8)

Level 2 (ages 8-12)

Level 3 (11-18)

Hip Hop ages 5-8

Hip Hop ages 9+

Adults (ages 18+)

Performance Troupe

Our Performance Troupe provides additional performance opportunities for our Dancers.  The PT is available to perform at community events, fundraisers, and love an opportunity to visit local assisted living and rehabilitation homes.  

Competition Company

Dancers are offered the opportunity compete in fun and positive environments.  Our mission is to use competition as a way to inspire, motivate and encourage ourselves to grow as dancers by surrounding ourselves with other studios and dancers that share the same passion.


EDC offers two Performances per year.  We have started the tradition of having a Winter Spectacular in December featuring dances to our favorite Holiday Songs and Pieces from the Nutcracker. We end our Season with our Annual Performance in May.  

Class Descriptions


This Creative Movement class for ages 2 and 3 year olds is designed to give children an introduction to classroom behaviors while developing gross and fine motor skills, coordination and musicality.

PreSchool Dance Combo and Dance FuNdations

These classes for ages 4-7 years old are an Introduction to Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Dancers in this level learn rudimentary terminology and technique.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap 1

This class for ages 6-8 is to develop a strong foundation in Ballet, Jazz and Tap techniques.  Ballet is where Dancers learn a strong foundation to using their bodies properly.  Ballet terminology is the basis to the dance language.  Ballet is suggested for Dancers wishing to learn Jazz.


Ballet Technique and training is the basis for developing alignment and movement principles. Other dance techniques such as Jazz, Modern and Contemporary require a Dancer to have Ballet training.


Jazz Dance Techniques take from the roots of both Ballet and Modern. Jazz styles vary from classic jazz to street funk to Musical Theater Dance. 


Tap Technique is focused on learning terminology, creating rhythms and perfecting the clarity of sounds being produced by the feet.  


Modern Dance Technique breaks the traditional "rules" of Ballet Technique and pushes the Dancer to explore and express movement in connection with emotion. Classes will explore techniques such as Graham, Horton, Limon and Humphrey as well as combining a dancers Ballet and Jazz training.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an evolving form of dance within the Hip Hop culture.  Its styles include breaking, popping and locking.